We  exporter white wood (spruce / fir - picea abies / abies alba), redwood (pine - pinus sylvestris) and hard wood timber (beech - fagus sylvatica) from Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, . With perseverance and seriousness we achieved to increase our export capacity to 3000 CBM of KILN DRY material and 7000 CBM of AIR DRY material per month. 

We entered very good in Middle East market - we arrived to export there more than 4000 cbm per month of AD and KD material. .  We obtained all these results because we were very strict in our quality level and control and due to our seriousnesses in which we treat our clients. 

As main dimensions that we export to Middle East market:

25 X 50 X 4000 MM
22 X 95 X 4000 MM
25 X 100 X 4000 MM
95 X 95 X 4000 MM
37 X 95/190 X 4000 MM
17 X 95/110/135 X 4000 MM
45 X 90 X 4000 MM
72 X 72 X 3000 MM
72 X 72 X 4000 MM
90 X 90 X 4000 MM
43 X 240 X 4000 MM

List of dimensions can be bigger, as we can cut after client's request, so if you have other sizes in which you are interested in, please send me full list and gladly we can talk over it.
rough sawn whitewood

rough sawn whitewood

rough sawn whitewood